Thursday, February 6, 2014

Total Heroes Batman

Man, I love adding new Batman figures to my collection. Especially if I can find them for a great price. I have ranted before about how I feel figures are too expensive these days, so when I see an action figure released for a decent price I am usually on it like Mike Millbury is all over Jeremy Roenick. What, no one got the hockey reference? Sheesh, tough crowd.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Total Heroes Batman from Toys R Us. On my initial searches for this figure I had come up empty. I did find Aquaman and seeing how nice it was made me determined to pick up Batman. The next trip over, I found Batman sitting behind a very nice Superman. But the Man of Steel was not the object of my desire on this day. I finally had the Batman figure I wanted.

Total Heroes is a line that is more geared toward the younger toy fan. Meaning, it's meant to be played with. Because of that, the price is set for parents to be able to pick up the figures without breaking their banks for it. So, at $9.99 and money tight for me these days, the price was certainly right and I walked off it it.

I like the card this figure came with. Nice Jim Lee Batman drawing on the top left corner, Batman style lettering next to it, nice window that shows off Batman and his accessories and the Total Heroes line mentioned on the bottom. The figure does display nicely if you are going to leave it in package.

But that's not me.

The back of the card has another Batman drawing with character bio underneath. The rest of the figures that are avalible for purchase are shown to the right.

Out of the package I think this figure is pretty nice. I like the "boxy" look to the figure. The figure is not going to be as detailed as a one that costs 20.00, but I think the details on this 10.00 figure puts some of those 20.00 ones to shame. The muscles are pretty well sculpted as well well as his head. The cape is made of cloth, which I prefer.

The figure has a movable head that can turn all the way around, elbow joints, wrist joints, waist swivel, knee joints and ankle joints. The shoulders can rotate and can extend the arms, but not very high.

The figure is also painted very nice from the cowl to the body to the gloves to the bat symbol on his chest. The belt is also sculpted beautifully.

The nice paint job extends all the way down his legs and his boots. I personally feel that the square toed boots help the figure stand. When I had it standing, I didn't feel like it would fall over at any point.

The cape looks nice, I think it's a little too narrow on the top. Just little more to cover the shoulders would have been nicer.

Love that the belt wraps all around Batman and the paint job and sculpts are as solid here as they are in the front.

If you feel like you need a stand for this figure, the bottoms have holes for pegs, which I really like. I am not getting on my soapbox again regarding the lack of stands.

What was really sweet is that a 10.00 figure came with 3 accessories. Ok, they might be small, but I know some more expensive figures that come with nothing but the figure. I'll take the grappling gun and 2 batarangs anyday.

The grappling gun barely fits into Batman's hand. It's sturdy once you get it in his hand, but its a struggle to get it in there. Plus, the finger doesn't go into the trigger. Looks kind of funny the way he's holding it.

The batarangs, however, fit perfectly in his hands. If I was going to use an accessory to pose with this figure on my shelf it would definitely be the batarangs.

Despite a few minor flaws, I really dig this figure. For the price point, you are getting a very nice figure. Maybe it's a little cartoony for some collectors, but I never minded some different looking figures in my collection. Besides, for what you're paying, you get 3 accessories and some nice points of articulation on this figure, so I say go out and get this for your Batman collection. I like it so much, I will be on the look out for the variant figure.

Me likey very, very much.

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