Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, Baby!!

I am so glad the weekend is here. It seems that as I get older the weeks get longer and longer. Going to the movies tonight to see Iron Man on IMAX , card show tomorrow and Yankees game on Sunday (Please dear God, don't let Mitre start, PLEASE!!), so it will be a busy weekend for me.

I spent a lot of the week making a list of the Mark Teixeira cards I already own. I should be finished with it sometime this weekend and will figure out a way to post it on here in case anyone has anything I need and wants to make a trade. I was gonna make of list of the cards I need, but gosh, it's a long list. He has over 5,000 cards and I don't even have 200 yet, lol.

I took a break last night and was started to organize my Jets cards. Looking them over, I had to admit to myself, I love cardboard. I love collecting, I love trading and I love looking them over, like precious jewels. As much as I love the base, I think I love inserts even more. Card companies can be creative in making inserts. I think they add a certing oomph to a card collection.

I love the look of these two. Both will be in my player PC's for life. I also think that they make a plasyer pc stand out more. Sure, you can go for Rookies, Autos and game used, but depending on the player (in my case Brodeur), the autos can be very expensive. Chasing inserts, I believe, not only helps grow your collection, but makes it quite unique. I guess I'm kinda old school in the way I think. I may be one of the few people who loves 90's sets for all those inserts.

I recently discovered a blogger who goes by the name Waxaholic. Great read. If you haven't read his blog, do so. You won't be sorry you did.

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