Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Does Your Better Half Understand The Obsession?

So, I'm sure we all have experienced this. You date someone and everything is going great until the game starts. Usually, your significant other will leave the room and leave you to watch the game. If they stay and watch with you, then you know you have someone special. One, who should be treated very well for tolerating your screams of joy when your teams win, or you throwing your can of Budweiser and ruining the carpet. But what about your other obsession?

That's right, I'm talking about the sports memorabilia collecting. The cards in boxes, the autographs, the McFarlanes or Starting Lineups you've had since 1990, still in their original packaging, or the walls of signed photos that take up valuable real estate. Space where pics of her parents can go. Or how about those long hours you spend on a line, getting an autograph for your PC? Yes, I am going somewhere with this.

I had a rather interesting conversation a while back and it stuck in my head ever since. I used to work with this young lady a while back. One day, at the company Christmas party, the table I sat at got around to discussing what we do in our spare time. I mentioned that I am a collector of sports memorabilia, with a concentration on New York Yankees. The aforementioned young lady looked up and said, I would never let my boyfriend collect that junk.

(Here's where I turn into the Miz) Really? Really?

Now, I know not all women are like this. I have seen couples where both are collectors and are very happy together, or at the very least tolerant toward one another as far as their personal interests go. But what about the ones who aren't? Do they have to sneak around to collect or do they just give it up? Honestly, I can't ever imagine stopping. I love being a collector. Anyone I wind up with would have to accept it if they truly love me and want to see me happy. Naturally, I do have friends that can't understand why I love buying sports cards or anything that bears my team's logo. They'd rather use their money for other recreational activities.

So, I hope everyone who does have a collection of some sort has a special someone who understands and supports the habbit. Maybe even have a collection of their own or share in yours. Ether way, As long as they're understanding, that's all you can ask.

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