Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Teixeira Adds

I got in a couple of Teixeira cards for my PC this week. One is an ebay purchase, the other was from a trade.

This is the ebay purchase. A 2010 Topps Peak Performance Game Used Jersey card with pinstripe. Love it! I love it when I can find a gu jsy card with the pinstripe on it almost as much as finding one with a piece of patch.

This next card was a trade I made over at It was a trade that required cash and a trade of an autographed Bob Gibson card. Worth the trade.

2005 Reflections Mark Teixeira/Hank Blaylock Dual Patch/Auto card numbered to 25

This card is absolutely sick looking in person. It is definately the centerpiece of my Teixeira PC until I can afford a Game Used bat of his. (Are you listening Steiner Sports?)

I also added some base to the PC and the collection is growing. I just have to update the have list I have on the bottom of this page.

Hope to add more shortly.


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  2. Wow, sweet dual patch auto! I'm very jealous! Go Yankees!