Sunday, October 21, 2012

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment: Back To The Batcave

Pardon the interuption on the Beatle Blogs, but the League calls with an intresting assignment. This weeks assignment is:

Take a trip to anywhere in pop culturedom. What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?

This was too easy for me. Or was it. I could have visited Hill Valley and watched Marty McFly twart Biff Tannen or I could have gone to a California beach house and hung out with The Monkees or even visited a galaxy far, far away. But for me, where I wanted to go was pretty simple. It's a place I've wanted to visit ever since I was a kid.

I want to travel back to 1966 and visit the Batcave.

Ever since I was a kid, watching Batman on reruns, usually on Channel 5, although I believe it was on Channel 11 here in NYC later on. I remember watching with fascination as Batman and Robin would work on a riddler or look for clues on a particular object or punch some information into the Bat-Computer (I'm sure that they would have a Mac or at least the latest version of Windows on their PC).

I would behave myself. I would stay away from the Batmobiles nucular powers source. I wouldn't answer the Batphone saying, "Mr. Wayne's residence". Nor will I take a joy ride in the Batmobile, although I cannot promise I wouldn't sleep in it at least once. One thing I will do, above all objections is slide down the Bat-Poles. I have to see how one minute they are Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and the next Batman and Robin. I mean, that bugged me as a kid. I need to know, dammit!

I'm sure I will be more pesty than Bat-Mite in the 1977 New Adventures Of Batman show. I'd ask such dumb questions as how did you get being out at sea as C for Catwoman? Maybe break a test tube or two. Eat too many of Aunt Harriet's delicous cookies. I'm sure the last straw will be hen I put on the Batman suit, look through the utility belt, find something intresting and ultimately knocking myself out with Bat-Gas. Then waking up on a beach somewhere, not knowing how I got there. Wow, I just got kicked out the Batcave. I'm on par with Penguin, King Tut and others who has broken into Batman's sanctuary. I'd say I was like Molly, but I didn't take a header into the Batmobile's nucluer power source.

As Batman once said, "What a way to Go-Go.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself Mike. I have visted the exterior of the cave that they used for the TV series, but if I had the dough, I would would build a replica of this version of the Batcave complete with a replica Batmobile. Now that's the way to go-go.

    1. That would be pretty sweet John. I might crash your batcave instead, lol.

  2. I loved it when they pulled the car into the bat cave! These pictures bring back great memories of my brother.

    1. That was always an awesome visual. That and when they would leave the bat cave as well.

      Was watching the show something you and your brother used to do together?