Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Gifts, Part 1

A couple a weeks ago, this sexy geek turned the big 42. Yes, my friends, I am getting older. But, it's another year older, but another year geekier. This year, I got some gifts from my buddy's and sweetie that are worthy of a place in the house of swag.

So, the first few gifts came from a very special woman. She knows what the this sexy geek wants and loves...BATMAN AND JOKER STUFF!!! Now, for some reason, my camera is not downloading or sending pictures to my email, so I found pics of what I got for my birthday.

My boo and her daughter picked out this awesome Joker T-Shirt

This shirt is awesome. When I opened it up, I was in awe of the design. The Jokers hair and much of his face is made up of bats. It's scary looking, maybe a bit freakish looking and I love it. It has already been worn.

I  have seen this poster before, yet I don't know who drew it. I love this poster of the Joker walking out of Arkham, free as a bird, no doubt on his way to Gotham to cause mayhem, chaos and anarchy. I cannot wait to frame it and hang this up in the House of Swag.

I love, love. love Pop Vinyls. This awesome Joker found it's way into my collection for my birthday. This Joker marks my 5th Pop Vinyl. I need to pick up Batman so Joker has someone other than Luke Skywalker  and Spider-Man.

Finally, I have a Bat-chair to rest my weary self to watch my Batman DVD's, play video games or just sit in my laid and admire the junk I have accumulated and treasure and come up with ways to add more stuff. It might all be crap, but it's my crap, Bwhahahahahahaha!

Thanks to Gina and Mariah for the awesome gifts. You both have made this old geek very happy.

Hopefully, camera cooperating, I will show of the rest of my birthday haul over the next 2 blogs. Look for them, same bat blog, same bat website!


  1. Glad you had a happy birthday! And many more!

  2. Happy Birthday! And like you am a year older and am feeling it too lol.

  3. Thanks guys. Appreciate the birthday wishes.

  4. Happy birthday again Mike. Man, I need to get that Bat-chair for the Toy Room. Do you know where it came from?

  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the birthday wishes so much.

    John, I don't know where the chair came from. I had never seen it before. I would check online, run a google search for it.