Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unleashed Luke Skywalker

Remember that scene in Empire Strikes Back when Luke's Snowspeeder gets shot down by AT-AT's and he single handedly takes down one of those infernal war machines? Of course you do, because it's awesome.  It's one of my favorite scenes from my favorite movie in the Star Wars franchise and my newest addition to the Luke Skywalker PC captures that scene beautifully.

I've always wanted to add the Luke Skywalker Unleashed figures to my collection and I was finally able to find one in my price range. These Unleashed figures are some of the coolest figures. I like the sculpts and poses they were made in and, of course, the Luke Skywalker's were my favorites.

The Unleashed line are like plastic statues. I might not be able to afford any statues anytime soon, so I have the next best thing. Also, the detailing on these figures are something else.

I love that he's holding on to his blue lightsaber. The green lightsaber might be my favorite, but I do have plenty of love for the blue saber as it was his first one. As a kid, I always had to have a blue lightsaber when I played Star Wars. I was always Luke.

I am very pleased to have been able to add this figure to my collection. I have my eyes out for the Jedi Luke Unleashed as I hope to add that figure to my collection at some point. I'm starting to build a nice little Skywalker collection and I hope I can keep adding to it until it's an awesome collection. I have a nice mix of modern and vintage pieces and I'm always looking to add more. Figures, pins, statues, anything and everything. If it has Luke on it, you can bet I'm going to buy it at some point.