Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday Gifts Part 3-The Beatles

As I mentioned before, I have become a huge fan of the POP vinyl figures. I love the look of these little bobble-heads and I am starting to look for them as I am out and about. I have already made a list of th ones I want to add to my small, but growing collection. A list, which is now down by 4 thanks to my latest birthday gift.

These Beatles POP figures have been on my "Must Have" list for quite some time now. My friends, Julissa and Mike, know how big a Beatles fan I am and bestowed all four of the Fab Four upon me as a birthday gift. Funko released them as their Yellow Submarine counterparts as well as a Blue Meanie in this set.

Love the packaging. a drawing of the character on the side of the box with the name of character on the bottom, product and number in series on the top with colors and lettering associated to the characters on the box. Paul McCartney's figure looks great.

The back of the box shows the characters in the set and continues the trend of colors and lettering that was on the front.

Lets take a look at the other 3 Beatles:

John Lennon

George Harrison (It's all in the mind)

And Ringo Starr.

This is a great looking set and a must for any Beatles fan in their collection. These will look great next to my McFarlane Yellow Submarine figures and I cannot wait to put them up when I have room to display my Beatles collection. I'm hoping for a second series where we can get Jeremy, Fred, Glove and maybe The Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper garb. I would love a set of POP's with the Beatles as themselves from their Saturday morning cartoon show.

Huge thanks to Julissa and Mike for a very thoughtful gift. Oh, almost forgot to show off my birthday card.

I'm not going to say what age joke was inside.


  1. I like the Beatles...Not so much the pop stuff though. Did they ever make wacky wobblers of them?

    1. I wish there were Wacky Wobblers of the Beatles. I'm shocked no one has made Beatle bobbles. I know there were 2 sets in the 60's. One was a set of regular sized bobbles and a set of miniature cake top bobbles. The regular sized are the rarer of the 2 sets.

  2. You've got some awesome friends. Those Beatles Pop figures are sweet. If they ever make a Beastie Boys set, I'll be all over that.

    1. Thank you kind sir. I would be all over those Beastie Boys Pops myself.