Monday, March 26, 2012

5 Graphic Novels I Want To Read in 2012

Ok, I admit it. I'm behind on a lot of comic reading. I had taken a few years off from comics to concentrate on my Yankees collection. I have cards, autographs, bobbleheads, jerseys and a lot more in my collection. I'm at a point now where I want to catch up on all my favorite super heroes and lose myself in stories about heroes I never read before.

Recently, I was able to read graphic novels that I missed out on Like Secret Wars, Flashpoint, Identity Crisis, Killing Joke, Spiderman: Blue, I even revisted my childhood by reading Superman vs Spider-Man all over again.

I really enjoyed those books and it got me thinking about what other stories I'm missing out on. So, I did some snooping around as only I can. I found a whole bunch of books I want to read, but for the sake of this blog (and holding your intrest, dear reader), I've narrowed my choices to 5 must read graphic novels. Forgive me, if I barely know anything about these books. I'm sure most of you have read them and I feel less of a geek for not having read them.

Green Lantern: Brightest Day

I know absolutely nothing about this story. I have read Green Lantern: Rebirth and really enjoyed it. I also just watched Green Lantern on HBO on Demand and while I enjoyed it, I felt it could have been better. But it did light a spark in me to want to read more Green Lantern stories. I figured I'd start with the book I have been hearing so much about.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

How can I read Brightest Day and not read Blackest Night? Again, I know nothing about this story, but I have seen some really cool figures from this graphic novel. My question to anyone of you readers who have read these, which graphic novel is the one to read first?

Crisis On Infinate Earths

Of all the graphic novels on this list, not having read this story in it's entirity shames me the most. I was reading comics regularly when this came out back in 1985. I even bought the issue where Supergirl was killed. I never got around to reading the full story. This is the one I am dying to read.

Green Arrow: Quiver

Now, I have never, ever read a Green Arrow story, nor have I ever wanted to. I never thought he was a character I'd be intrested in. But once I read Identity Crisis, I got to see what Green Arrow was all about and he intregued me. I ran across this graphic novel and it was written by one of my favorite writer/directors, Kevin Smith. I'm sold.


I'm a huge Alex Ross Fan. I love his artwork.I also have Justice on my list of must reads. Each time I run across this book in some of my favorite comic shops, I always flip through it, admiring the artwork in this book. Now, its time for me to read the story Kurt Busiek wrote for this book.

I have vowed that 2012 would be the year I catch up on some much needed reading. The warm weather is coming up and there is nothing I love more than sitting out in a park with a good book. I have 5 books that I will be looking to put on my Kindle Fire and lose myself in some great comics.


  1. read Blackest Night first! That Marvels looks good- Ross is a badass!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Amazon has it for Kindle. I'll download it this weekend.

    Love Ross's work. Been wanting to pick up some of his posters and the Justice figures based on his art. Always wondered why Marvel never released figures based on this graphic novel.