Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Bobblehead and New Add To 500 Goal Scorers Collection

The past couple of days bought a new bobblehead and a new addition to my NHL 500 Goal Scorers signed puck collection. Was thrilled to get them in, especially since I have wanted both for such a long time.

Starting off with the bobblehead, this is an AGP Thurman Munson bobble. It's one I have been wanting to add to the Yankee bobblehead collection for some time, but the ones I had seen on ebay were well over 75.00, some even reaching over 100.00. This bobble only cost me 25.00. Probably because it didn't have a box. Thurman is flawless and at that price I was thrilled to pick this one up.

As you can see, he's decked out in the Yankees home uni along with his catching equipment, which AGP nailed, right down to the color of his chest protector, knee pads and shin guards.

Turn him around, and you have the familiar number 15, which has since been retired by the Yankees. You also have the interlocking NY on the cap.
The face sculpt is also pretty good. The bobble pretty much looks like Thurman. AGP always did an excellent job with the likenesses of the players. It's one of the things I liked about them as well as one of the things I dislike about Forever, although they are getting better at it.

I also finally got around to writting to Bobby Hull and sent him this sweet vintage looking puck, which he signed in silver paint pen. I sent the puck to him care of the Blackhawks and was returned to me in about 2 months. Glad I could knock Hull off my list of 500 Goal Scorers. Need to look at the list and see who else I can send a puck to. I was thinking of sending a puck to Jagar. Hopefully, he signs.

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