Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super Mega Show Report

This past weekend, I attended Super Mega Show in Whippany, NJ. Adam West, Burt Ward and Lee Meriweather headlined the show and I wanted to be there. For the longest time I had wanted to start a Batman The Movie project. I never really persued it because Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Alan Naiper, Neil Hamilton had already passed and I never was able to meet Frank Gorshin. When he passed, I kinda gave up on the project. Seeing that the remaining 3 were appearing got my gears turning. When I learned that there would be Bat vehicles as well as the Delorean from Back To The Future there I was sold.

My buddy George and I arrived at the Hotel the show was being held at about 9:30. As VIP ticket holders, we could enter at 9:45, but we decided to check out the vehicles and grab some grub before going in.

Check out the inside of this Batmobile

The car was signed by both Adam West and Burt Ward

The back of the car


Unfortunately, the Deloran never showed but that didn't damper our spirits. We were here to buy some collectables and meet the stars of Batman The Movie.

We went inside and found the stuff being sold way over priced, which was a bummer. My buddy managed to pick up a few things, but I kept it cheap. I did pick up a few things, which I'll show later.

I think Brian from Cool and Collected would have loved this poster

On Saturday, only Adam West and Lee Meriweather was appearing, so before hand I went and bought a print of the Batman The Movie poster for the three to sign. I should have checked before buying because when I was in front of Mr. West and I went to pull the poster from it's protective case I was horrfied to learn that the paper used was really flimsy, not the sturdy cardstock I was used to with these 11 X 17 prints. I was already in front and I wasn't in the mood to argue with the dealer who sold me the print, so I had Adam sign it anyway, then Lee. Both were very nice. I was a bit concerned about West as I had heard he could be a bit abrasive. But on this day, he was real cool even fist bumping my friend. Lee Meriweather was an absolute sweetheart, talking to me for a few minutes and actually taking the time to try and find a good spot to sign.

After getting the signatures we wanted (my friend also picked up Linda Thorson from the Avengers TV Show), we took another spin on the small dealer area and called it a day.

We returned Sunday for Burt Ward. Here was the line that greeted us.

Everyone got the other 2 and was back for Ward only. We waited a while and finally saw both Adam and Burt walk in together...with a few people between them. Seems that they still aren't on speaking terms. If you can see in the pic above, Meriweather sat in between them.

Ward was alo very nice. I told him I followed his Gentle Giants foundation on Twitter and he gave me the link to the website. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll post it in the comments section. Also, the man has a firm handshake.

Again, after getting the autograph we wanted, we roamed around for a bit, then left to see the Avengers, had dinner and called it a day.

Here is the poster I got signed

Adam West's signature

Lee Meriweather

Burt Ward

Before I show off the goodies, I'd like to explain why there are no pics of the three signing the poster. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures. The show had photo ops at a certain time and that was another price on top of what you already paid for the autographs. You couldn't even step off to the side and take a pic because I heard Burt Ward was notorious for snitching and having you thrown out of the convention. As far as pics of the tables, there honestly wasn't much to show you guys.

Here's what I did pick up.

I picked up these Green Lantern and Sinestro 3 inch figures from the movie series for a buck each. I saw Killowag and forgot to go back for him.

Another dollar purchase was this Roddy Piper pin from the late 80's. I actually had this pin at one time and it got all bent out of shape as I wore it on my denim, then leather jacket. This one will stay on the card. Nice addition to the Piper PC

I remember seeing this Luke Skywalker Soakie bottle as a kid and never getting it. I love these bubble bath/shampoo bottles that are shaped like diffrent characters and if it's vintage, I love it even more. I have been looking for a 1960's Batman Soakie bottle and have been eyeballing a Superman on ebay. In fact, we saw the Superman at the show, but neither one of us was paying 100.00 bucks for it. So, for a cool ten spot, I had a vintage Luke Skywalker Soakie to add to my Star Wars PC.

This was not even picked up at the convention. After leaving Saturday, we hit a Target because I had heard the new Batman Hot Wheels were out and I want the 1966 Batcopter. Unfortunately, the Batcopter eluded me, but I picked up this Batmobile for the collection. I want an army of Batmobiles to do my bidding. Batmobiles, pick me up a cheeseburger. Batmobiles, find the remote. Well, you get the idea.

I have never been confused as a smart man. I left behind a 12 inch Chewbacca figure from 1978, complete with man purse and gun. The guy was asking 35 bucks for it. Should have grabbed it. Same dealer had a vintage 1970's Batman alarm clock that I have been wanting...since the 1970's and it still worked. He was asking 50.00 for it. I said no thanks, but was secretly hoping it would be there Sunday and I would try to barter him down to 30-35.00. But, alas, it was not there Sunday. He told me sold it right before he closed his table for the night. Again, not a smart move on my part. Oh well, theres always ebay.

To be honest, I was pretty disapointed with the show. The dealer area was very small and it was in the same room as the signings so if you were on line for an autograph, chances were you were getting bumped into by people trying to look at the tables the lines were blocking. As for the dealers, they really had nothing great. I was hoping to score a few goodies for the collections and came away with a lot less than I had hoped. The stuff that was there that I might have been intrested was way to pricey and sometimes not in the best shape for what they were asking. Some dude had a 1980's LJN Roddy Piper figure, on card and was asking 50.00 for it. Upon further inspection, you can see the face was terrible faded due to sun exposure. No thanks, Chief.

Hopefully, next years show will be better. In the meantime, I will send my Batmobiles to fetch me a pizza pie.

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  1. Fantastic report Mike! And you're right, I would have loved that Conquest poster. ;) That Batman poster you got signed is an absolute treasure.
    I've never been to a fan show like this but I always seem to hear the same complaints about them. It seems like a smart operator could tune into the issues that are constantly raised and put together an amazing event. Hmmm. ;)