Thursday, February 21, 2013

Batman Pop Up Game

You remember Trouble, don't you? Sure you do. We all played that game with the dice in the bubble dome and had a blast trying to land on your opponents and send him back to the beginning so they would have to start all over again. What fun. Especially when you sent your kid sister back to her room crying because of your sheer awesomeness. I bet I know what you were thinking as you watched that baby run back to her Holly Hobbies and Strawberry Shortcakes. You were thinking, "how cool would it be if they had a Batman Trouble"

Well fear not, citizen of Gotham. Your time has come.

OK, It's not exactly Trouble, but it's pretty much the same premise. First one to get all their pieces at their respective finish area wins. You land on your opponents piece and you can send that scum back to Arkham. Let's take a look at the board.

Board is almost the same as a Trouble board. One dice under the bubble dome, pieces for 4 players. The only difference is that the board has pictures of Batman characters.


Killer Croc. Not sure why they went Croc. I would have gone either Riddler or Catwoman here.



The pieces you will use to make your opponent tap faster than if he was in a Kurt Angle Ankle Lock.

This was given to me as a Christmas gift from my buddy, George. I could put this bad boy on my Batman shelf once I put it up, but I think I will play this game with my niece and nephew when they come over. I think they would get a kick out of playing with their geeky uncle.

Besides, I'm going to need the room for all the Batman goodies I will be adding this summer.


  1. That's so funny, my nephew just got this for his birthday a few weeks ago. I was puzzled by Croc too. I mean if you need someone for Green, I'd definitely go Riddler.