Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I Hunt For- A League Assignment

I love hunting and I don't even have to wear a hunters hat either (Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Megos. Hahahahahahahahah). I always have my eyes, ears and nose to the ground in my travels. I never know when I may come across a thrift store, a goodwill store, a flea market or even a toy show. I try to always be prepared for that eventuality (George Harrison representin' yo!).

When I first started collecting and going out for new additions, I used to pick up anything that looked good and interested me. Now while I would love to do pick up and add anything that is remotely close to what I collect, I find that room is a factor in what I can keep and display. So I now try to just keep it to what I collect.

I try to pick up as much vintage as I can. After drooling over Brian's shelves I decided to do the mature, orignal and practical thing....Be a dirty, stinking copycat. To do so, I scour each box, table, rack and shelf in every place I go to until I find something worthy of bringing to the House Of Swag. I'm not above adding more contemporary pieces either, as long as it fits the collection and looks awesome.

So, what do I look for? Well, pull up a chair because I have a list to share.


Batman has always been a favorite of mine and he has some pretty sweet swag to pick up. Batman's vintage pieces are among the best toys out there which is why I always am on the look out for Batman stuff of the 1960's and 70's. Growing up I had some great Batman toys that I would love to reacquire like the Duncan Batmobile, Mego Bat-Computer and Remco CSF Copter. Some of the vintage pieces I've never owned, but really want are the Janex Batman Clock, Mego Bat Lab, Batman lunchbox from the 1960's and the Mego Wayne Foundation, which I will probably never own because that piece costs a pretty penny. Oh well, a guy can dream, right?


Spidey and Batman are my most favorite heroes. They flip flop in my heart at times. I got a Spider-Man tattoo, but haven't added the Caped Crusader to my arm...yet. But, I am just as passionate about the wall crawler as I am about Bats. My Spider-Man collection might be larger than my Batman one right now and I am always looking for more Spider-Man pieces to add to my collection. Some of the vintage Spider-Man toys I am always looking for are the Mego Spider Car, Funstuff Spider-Man Web Shooters, Mego 12 inch Spider-Man figure, Ideal Spider-Man Hand Puppet and Spider-Man Colorforms. If I can find the 1960's Spider-Man board game I would be thrilled. I'm also always looking for vintage Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man comics.

Luke Skywalker

I love Star Wars. Unless this is your first time to this blog, then you already know that Luke is the one character from that awesome franchise I collect. I have picked up some great Skywalker pieces, but there are a few I am missing and have always kept my eye out for including a vintage X-Wing fighter, a vintage Landspeeder, a Kenner Return Of The Jedi Jedi outfit figure, an original 12 inch Skywalker figure, a vintage Kenner puzzle and the Star Wars and Return Of The Jedi Burger King glasses I am missing from completing my Skywalker set.

Star Wars

Of course, I also collect Star Wars as well. I have put that aside though in my pursuit of anything Skywalker. But if I found a Death Star Playset, an Escape From Death Star board game, a Darth Vader action figure carrying case or any of the posters from the movies I wouldn't turn them away.

The Beatles

My all time favorite band has a place in my collection as well. I cannot get enough of the Beatles (if you haven't listened to Beatles-A-Rama, then shame on you) and will always pick up anything Beatles related. Some of the Beatles stuff I really want are pricey, but I always look anyway because you never know what you may find. Among the Beatles stuff I want are the Beatles "Flip Your Wig" board game, the Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Soaky bottles, McFarlane Cartoon Beatles figures box set that I missed out on, Remco Beatles figures, Beatles lunchbox, Beatles Hamilton figures from 1991 (I had John Lennon, but the figure was lost in one of my moves.), trading cards and the mini Beatles cake top nodders. If I can find the vintage albums and 45's, I want those too.

The Monkees

I have a few pieces of memorabilia from my favorite T.V. band, but I am always looking for more stuff to add like the Mattel Monkees Talking Hand Puppet, Johnny Lighting 1/64 scale Monkee Mobile and Van, vintage Kellogg's Monkees cardboard album, Lunchbox, trading cards, Fairchild Monkees puzzle from 1967, Monkees Bennie Babies Mickey, Davy and Peter bears (I have Mike Nesmith), Ertl 1/18 scale Monkee Mobile and the finger puppets, which I had and lost in the same move. A box or two were "lost" by movers. As with The Beatles (love that album), I also want to get the albums and 45's.


Of course, the comic book lover in me always loves to pick up anything related to my favorite Marvel and DC heroes. I have a small Iron Man collection that I am always adding to, but I also love Superman, The Hulk and Captain America. As a kid, I would have killed for a Hulk Rage In The Cage, but never got it. I would love one now as well as the Mego Captain America car, Super Powers Hall Of Justice Playset, Mego Iron Man and Thor figures, Marx Marvel plastic figures, Mego 12 inch Hulk and Captain America figures, Marvel Superheroes and DC Super Friends lunchboxes, Pocket Mego figures, Funko POP Vinyls, Viewmaster Reels, Knickerbocker Fiddle Sticks Playset, Milton Bradley Marvel Superheroes Card Game and Whitman DC Superheros Dominoes. I also would love to try and put together the Super Powers and Secret Wars action figure sets.

There is a lot more that I want, but I will keep it not so short. My shopping list is pretty extensive and I can go on and on and on about what I would love to own one day.

If you find anything on my shopping list, give me a shout and I will come running. Hopefully, we can work out something or I will go away crying and who wants to see a grown man cry?

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