Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Mark Teixeira Cards

With The 2011 baseball cards set to be realised within the next month, I wanted to take a sec and reflect on the 2010 Mark Teixeira cards I was able to add to my Teixeira PC during the past year. The collection stands currently at 222 cards and I'm anxiously waiting for the new releases so I can add more to the growing collection.

Here are the cards I bought, traded, begged, pleaded and cajoled for in 2010:


Topps Finest base

Topps Legandary Lineage Teixeira/Gehrig insert

This was an insert I picked up at a card show for a penny. Love that price

Topps Peak Performance
Allen & Ginter base
Topps 206 base
Bowman base
Topps 206 Gold Border Paraell
Topps Attax
Allen & Ginter This Day In History Insert. Teixeira's bithday is April 11th, same as mine.
Topps 206 mini

Topps Legandary Lineage Teixeira/Mantle
Topps Heritage All Star
Topps National Chicle base
Topps Opening Day Toppstown card
Topps 206 base 2
Topps base
Topps Heritage
Topps Turkey Red insert
League Leader cards
Now for the Upper Deck cards. Bear in mind there wasn't much due to UD losing the MLB license:
Pure Heat insert

Upper Deck base

Biography inserts
Obviously, this is not all the Teixeira cards that were released in 2010. I am still working on getting to as complete as possible. I would most likely have to pass up the high dollar cards, but that's fine as long as I'm happy with my collection.
I'm sorry for the cruddy pics. I really need to get a new camera or buy a scanner.
I will also be working on getting my Teixeira have list on here. I'm always looking for Teixeira cards, GU, autos, posters, bobbles, figures, etc.
Bring on 2011 Topps!

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  1. Very impressive. I like the Pure Heat card. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to that set, but I think they're pretty sweet.