Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2010-11 SPx Winning Trios Devils Triple Jersey #'ed to 50

Been a while since I last posted. Been working extra hours and taking care of some personal stuff. A lot has happened since I last posted. Knicks getting Carmelo Anthony (Yey) and the baseball world losing Duke Snider (Boo). Heck, I only sent out 10 Spring Training autograph requests this year, down from the 20-30 I usually get out. It's March now and lately the only thing that's been on my mind is baseball and my beloved New York Yankees. That's why I'm showing off a hockey card.
Got this beauty in a trade on It's a 2010-2011 SPx Winning Trios triple game used jersey card of Martin Brodeur, Patrik Elias and former Devils Captain Jamie Langenbrunner. The card is numbered to 50 and I'm pleased to be able to added to my Martin Brodeur PC.
I have a few other trades hopefully coming back soon. For my 100th post, I will show off my prized possession.

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  1. Sweet card!

    Congrats on Carmelo. I love this pickup for the Knicks. Hopefully he's in NYC for many more years.