Monday, July 29, 2013

Comic Book Marketplace Haul Part 2: More Spidey

When I went to the comic book marketplace yesterday, I really wasn't planning on picking up a lot of Spider-Man books. Batman had become the flavor of the month for me and I wanted to add some Batman literature to my comic book collection. In fact, I was determined to do so. I did pick up a couple of Batman books, but the bulk of my purchases were Spider-Man titles.

Lets be honest, I love Spider-Man just as much as I love Batman. I plan to get a Batman tattoo in the near future, but Spidey is the hero that is gracing my right bicep right now. In fact, as I am writting this blog, I am rocking a very sweet John Romita Spider-Man t shirt. So, I guess it's really no shock that I would pick up so much Spider-Man goodies.

Yes, as I was going through the boxes, my I was pretty much saying to myself, "Batman, Batman, I want Batman, Batma...ohh, here's a cool Spidey comic. MINE!" In fact, I had so many Spider-man books at one table put aside I had to put most away and just take the books I really liked.

Yesterday, I showed the Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man books I picked up for my collection, so today, I will show off the Amazing Spider-Man books I selfishly grabbed for my collection. Again, the condition is not the greatest,  but for a buck a book or in some cases, 4 for $1.00, I'm really not complaining about the condition of these books. Besides, I think the condition adds some character to the books.

Here's the Amazing Spider-Man haul:

This one is not an Amazing Spider-Man book, but the cover is so cool, I just had to pick it up for my collection.

Well, I guess I did start a Web Of Spider-Man collection with this issue.

That's all of the Spider-Man books I picked up. I do have a good news, bad news for my next blog. The Good news is, I don't have any Spider-Man issues that I bought at the comic book marketplace to show. I will be showing off 2 graphic novels I grabbed. The bad news? They're Spider-Man books. Ohhhhh, The Humanity!

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