Thursday, September 12, 2013

And The Bats Just Keep On Coming

I'm sure you are starting to realize that I may be a bit Bat crazy 

Most everything I am picking up these days are Batman related. I do not have a problem with that personally. I'm sure that my other collections are wondering why I am not adding more brethren to their cliques.I'm sure Spidey would like to see more Spidey's added to his group, but everytime I see a real cool Batman item, I just can't help myself. I have to have it. Especially if it's something I have wanted for a while.

I have been wanting this POP Vinyl for quite sometime. I had seen it before, but I had passed up for something better. I have a bad habit of doing that. Whenever I see something I really want, I always think I'll find it later. 

Well, this time, it almost cost me because I stopped seeing them pretty quick. No matter where I went  never could find it. I really thought I messed up bad. I wasn't able to find it anywhere. No Barnes N Noble, No Toys R Us, No conventions. No where. I was convinced I would be going the eBay route, but lo and behold, I finally found it at a Barnes N Noble in Manhattan. I gleefully bought it and now it's in my Batman collection. 

As with my other POP figures, I love the look of this little guy. The pupil-less eyes, the lack of mouth. Looks like he should be the prime candidate of a horror flick. Great paint job on this guy too. Btw, can we get this costume in the next Superman movie. Please?

On the back of the figure there are some minor paint flaws that can be seen in the ripples of the cape. Looks like they didn't get the paint brush in there all the way.

One of the surprising things about this figure (aside from the numbering on the bottom of his boot) was that this was not a bobblehead like most POP Vinyls are. As you can see from the picture, the head is glued to the neck piece. I was expecting this to be a bobble, so I was kind of shocked to find that it wasn't. 

The back of the box shows the other Funko POP releases. Thanks to Gina, I already have the Joker. If I find The Riddler, I will pick him up as well. That is one cool looking POP figure. I'd probably pick up Superman as well.

Funko did a great job with this figure. This Batman is a great addition to my Batman collection and I'm so glad to have him. The next Funko POP Vinyl I will be picking up is the '66 Batman in October. If the pictures are accurate, then it will be yet another great addition to my POP collection. 

I may have to build a shelf just for the growing POP collection.

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